Vanskoos Microfiber Paint Roller 6 Inch High-density Roller Refills(12-pack)


Product Details:

  • This 6-inch paint roller perfectly size for a smaller painting project and use in tight spaces.
  • Each roller cover is 6 in. wide with a 1/2 in. nap and fits into smaller spaces than a standard roller would, so it’s perfect for smaller projects
  • The mini roller frame gives a perfect grip, comfort, and durability during any project.
  • Works with latex and oil-based paints and stains
  • The package includes 10 mini-roller with comfortable frame,6″ paint tray,10-pack covers offers added value for your painting needs


  • 12-piece Paint  Roller Set comes with 6″ Microfiber rollers excellent for applying all paints. Perfect for small projects where painting in small tight areas is required. For use on semi-smooth to semi-rough surfaces For use with latex or oil paints on smooth surfaces Comes with high-quality 10 Microfiber roller covers and a frame Paint Rollers Set Includes : 10 x Roller Covers 1X Roller Frame 1X Roller Tray How to Use: Step 1: Pouring the paint into the barrel for the roller coating, completely soak the roller brush in it, roll back and forth on the tray to make the brush adsorbs the paint uniformly. Step 2: Painting the paint on the painted surface like a “W” letter, then apply it from top to bottom and from left to right to ensure uniform distribution of the coated surface.


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