Value Set Of Alazco 3″ Mini Paint Roller


Product Details:

  • ALAZCO Value Set of 1 Paint Roller Frame & 6 Roller Covers
  • 3″ Mini Size Covers with 1/2″ works for most surfaces, smooth or texture. Perfect for painting trims, corners, edges, window frames and smaller areas
  • Innovative blend of polyethylene fibers woven in a unique interlocking pattern for extra paint absoption
  • Highly shed resistant, unique density, matte resistance & low splatter; solvent resistant core
  • Super smooth free-spin action works fast with less elbow grease. Comfort Grip – Non-Slip Handle


  • Value Set of ALAZCO 3″ Mini Paint Roller (5-Wire Cage) Frame & 6 Covers for Painting Trims, Edges, Corners, Small Areas (Multi-Purpose 1/2” Nap)


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