Rollingdog 7pc 18 Inch Paint Roller Set


Product Details:

  • 18″ MICROFIBER PAINT ROLLER SET 7PCS: 12-18″ adjustable roller frame, 4pcs Super-Micro microfiber roller covers, and a heavy duty paint bucket/lid combination.
  • ADJUSTABLE ROLLER FRAME: Use with rollers sized 12-18 inches for faster work painting. Easy adjust knobs tighten/loosen to change frame to fit different length roller covers. Lightweight but rigid aluminum adjustable arms. Ergonomic rubber gripped handle connects with threaded extension poles
  • SHEDLESS MICROFIBER 18″ ROLLER COVERS 4PCS: Washable and reusable Super-Micro covers are lint free and apply a very even finish. Microfiber holds more paint than standard covers while also reducing splatter.
  • LARGE PAINT BUCKET WITH THIN TRAY/LID: The large capacity paint bucket has angled grid for loading rollers and heavy duty folding handle for easy transport. Includes separate 18″ paint tray that doubles as lid for paint bucket
  • 3/8″ NAP: Works with all paints both water based and oil based applying flat to semi gloss paints on smooth to semi smooth surfaces like drywall


  • Professional large size paint roller set with ROLLINGDOG’s 12-18” adjustable paint roller frame, 4pcs Super-Micro microfiber roller covers, and heavy duty large reservoir paint bucket and tray combo
  • Easy twist knob adjustment at the double arm long paint roller frame allows for fast and tough adjustments to use different sized roller covers


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