Rollingdog 4 Inch Mini Foam Paint Roller Covers


Product Details:

  • MORE EVEN:4 pcs SUPER-EDGE high density foam small paint roller sleeves with special concave design ends to reduce paint build up on edges for smooth and even application
  • MORE DURABLE:Thermo-bonding technical instead of adhesive between the core and the cover provides maximum strength and repeated use long lasting performance
  • FOR DETAIL PAINTING: Mini sponge roller cover is perfect for furniture, cabinets, doors, metal, furniture, shelves, cutting-in, trim and other detail applications.
  • FOR GLOSSING:Great for applying gloss paint to smooth surfaces
  • WORKS WITH ALL PAINTS: Use with both water based and oil based paints


  • 4pc High density foam mini rollers with specially designed concave shaped ends that help to reduce paint build up, which can leave heavy paint lines on edge of application.


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