Roamwild Dandy Pro 2 In 1


Product Details:

  • [ROAMWILD DANDY PRO 2 IN 1] – The fast paint brush cleaner and paint roller nap cleaner ALL in one tool – Simply attach to your drill or impact driver and it cleans in under 60 seconds with minimal mess.
  • [FAST AND EASY] – Go from one colour to another using the same brush or roller effortlessly and without any cross contamination.
  • [USES CENTRIFUGAL FORCE] – Uses centrifugal force (via your drill or impact driver) to clean paint brushes and paint rollers. It is so verstaile and fast, it fits paint brushes between ½ “ and 5”. Suitable for 1 ½” and 1 ¾” diameter rollers from 2” to 18” long.
  • [WORKS ON ALL TYPES OF PAINT] – Oil based glosses, undercoats, primers, acrylics, emulsions, polyurethanes & varnishes.
  • [SAVES TIME AND MONEY] – Never buy or replace brushes & rollers again because they are clogged with paint. Roamwild warranty & USA based support included. If you are not satisfied we will quite simply give you your money back


  • Roamwild Dandy PRO 2 in 1 – Paint Brush Cleaner and Paint Roller Nap Spinner Cleaning Tool


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