Plastic Mini Roller Paint Tray 4 Inch 2 Pack


Product Details:

  • 4″ Plastic paint tray designed for use with Small Rollers, made for easier dipping of paint rollers and brushes to paint which you work with.
  • NANJA paint trays are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic – solvent resistant and re-useable.
  • The trays have deep grooves to increase rigidity and give good paint loading, and curved edges for maximum paint pick up in the corners.
  • Our reusable plastic Mini Tray Ribbed bottom helps remove excess paint from the roller cover
  • Overall size: L13.8 in. W x 5.9 in. H:2.36 in. -Keep this convenient tray around for any household paint projects


  • Constructed from heavy-duty plastic
  • Deep-well design
  • Durable plastic tray
  • Plastic paint roller tray designed for 4 in. rollers
  • Includes molded ribs so the paint can adhere to your roller
  • Easy to clean and durable for multiple uses
  • Fits any roller up to 4″ wide
  • Use it with any type of painting or staining project


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