Pintia1 11 Piece Paint Tool Set


Product Details:

  • COMPREHENSIVE SET: 4″ Roller Frame and Durable Paint Tray, 4″ Microfiber Rollers, 1 High-Density Foam Roller, 2″ Paint Brushes, 3″ Paint Brushes, 9ft x 12 ft plastic Drop Cloth, Everything you need to paint at an affordable price!
  • MULTIPLE USES: High quality components to give you maximum performance and professional results. The dual-purpose roller covers have been designed to support various surfaces.
  • HIGH-DENSITY FOAM ROLLER: 4Inch high density and premium quality foam will leave smooth and even finishes on the flat surfaces. It is best suited for use with aqua enamel, gloss, satin and varnish paints for a super smooth gloss finish.
  • MICROFIBER ROLLER: 3/8 Inch Nap 4 Inch high capacity Microfiber holds more paint. Giving better coverage and a Better Finish! Microfiber rollers are best used in any paint projects which require a smooth finished
  • EASY TO USE: This Home Paint Kit is suitable for professionals or beginners; any skill level can quickly pick up and use this kit with excellent results.


  • 4″ Microfiber Roller Cover and High Density Foam Roller Cover, 4″ Paint Tray, Paint Brushes, Drop Sheet


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