Paint Roller Cleaner Reduce Paint Waste And Expertly Clean Your Rollers


Product Details:

  • When the painting is done, don’t wash excess paint on your roller down the drain. Save that paint for another day while getting your roller clean with this tool
  • Simply fit the ring of the paint roll cleaner over your roller and scrape down, removing excess paint and cutting down your cleaning time
  • Made from durable, easy to clean plastic that makes a lasting addition to your painting supplies
  • Double ended with two different sizes to fit a variety of paint rollers, including commercial sizes
  • Use after rinsing your roller to remove excess water and help your paint roller to dry faster


  • When it comes time to wash your rollers, don’t send your expensive paint down the sink. This tool removes as much of that excess paint as possible, keeping it in your paint can, not in the sink.


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