Paint Edger Roller Brush


Product Details:

  • Trimming Paintbrush—Unlike ordinary paintbrushes, professional trimmer brushes can draw precise lines, keep the paint edges clean and tidy, and make your painting work easier and simpler.
  • Adjustable baffles—The paint brush has adjustable baffles on the side, you can easily have a trimming effect by using the baffles, and it can also be used as an ordinary paint brush without the baffles. More functional than ordinary paint brushes.
  • Detachable roller brush—The roller brush is removable for easy replacement. If you need to use the paint brush for a long time, then you can replace the roller brush and reuse it.
  • Features—Can be used indoors or outdoors, fast and convenient, easy to operate, and accurate. Renovate your home with ease by leaving precise, straight lines on the borders as you paint.
  • Acrylic roller brush—its material is acrylic. It is characterized by durability and dyeability, which complements latex and latex paints.


  • Package: One Edge Paint Roller 11.77 x 4.72 x 1.85 inches


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