Paint Contractor Life Multi Angle Paint Brush Extender


Product Details:

  • FINISH JOBS FAST and get better, crisper, cleaner edges with our paint brush extender. Your clean cut paint edger tool for walls and more that makes paint cut in a cinch.
  • PAINT LIKE A PRO with our paint extension pole attachments. Use for all those hard to reach areas. Perfect paint edger tool for high ceilings, as a door trim painting tool, in stairwells and more.
  • ALL IN ONE TOOL that fits most brush sizes. Used for cutting into frames, siding and as a tight corner paint roller extension. Tighten the grip around a brush handle and it’s good to go.
  • TOTAL ROTATION to get the perfect paint edger brush position. The joint of our edge painting tool swivels 180 degrees – saves time and no more hand discomfort.
  • FORGET LADDERS because with our paint brush extension on your paint pole a ladder becomes obsolete. Let our edge painter tool cut down the work time in half



  • Makes Paint Projects Lightning Fast
  • Dependable. Built to Last
  • Features a 180 Degree Swivel Head
  • Perfect for Touch Ups
  • A Professional Painter’s Must Have


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