Mister Rui Mini Paint Roller 2 Inch Sponge Paint Roller Refills (Pack Of 20)


Product Details:

  • Package included 2 Inch paint roller covers*20
  • 2 INCH MINI SIZES. For getting in some small and hard-to-reach places to finsih the decorating work.
  • HIGH QUALITY FOAM: They can be used with most water and oil-based paints,varnishes, gloss, stains, lacquers, polyurethanes and waterproofers, Sponges are highly elastic so they won’t deform at all.
  • HIGH DENSITY FOAM: The high density foam ensures a smooth and even finish on the surface, and won’t leave roller lines or hairy texture on your painting.
  • Reusable Roller Covers: Mister Rui foam paint roller 2 inch can be washed easily and reused so that you can finish the painting work more efficiently.


  • When using these rollers, remember to soak the roller sleeve in the paint for about one minute to make it full of paint, but not overload it. Then roll it onto your surfaces with a medium speed. Wash roller cover out with warm water and dish soap. Thoroughly rinse to remove all soap. Squeeze roller or roll it with heavy pressure on towel to dry.


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