Mini Paint Roller Refills 2″ Painting Supplies


Product Details:

  • 8 Piece 2″ Paint roller set that features our high-density Fabric mini roller and is an ideal option for applying paint samples and small touch-ups around the house and smaller DIY stenciling projects
  • The 2-in high-density fabric roller is great for edging, trim work, and painting molding or door frames
  • High-density Microfiber rollers are engineered to use with water and oil-based paints, stains, urethanes, varnishes, and enamels
  • 2 Inch paint roller set includes 6x high-density fiber mini roller, a roller frame, and a paint tray
  • If there are any questions or problems about your paint roller, kindly contact us and we take every effort to answer all of the queries within 24 hours.


– Complete 8 piece painting roller set,Perfect for doing small touch-up work around the house

-Use to paint very small areas and molding and furniture.

-2 inch roller is great for small areas and tight fits

– Quick and easy result with a smooth finish.

-Doesn’t leave unsightly fuzz, lint or seam marks.

-For doors, molding, trim and cabinets.

– Has a soft comfortable frame handle.

-For oils, clears, enamels.

-Cleans quickly and easily

– Use on your walls, doors and ceilings and also for DIY decoration of your garden.


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