Homeright 3/8 Inch Roller Cover


Product Details:

  • HIGH QUALITY PAINT ROLLER: The HomeRight 3/8” paint roller covers are perforated and shed resistant to lay down the perfect coat of paint on your surface. Roller covers are also available in 3/4” size (sold separately)
  • PAINTSTICK ROLLER COVER: This roller nap is designed for use with the HomeRight PaintStick, Wagner PaintStick EZ-Twist, and similar models
  • GREAT COVERAGE: This roller is 9” in length and works great with latex and oil-based paints and primers on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces
  • FLOW FROM THE INSIDE OUT: The roller cover core has perforated holes, which allows the paint to saturate the nap from the inside. Paired with the PaintStick or EZ-Twist, you’ll never have to use a roller tray again
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These paint roller covers can be used again and again. Simply wash your roller nap after each use and it’ll be ready for your next painting project


  • We’ve taken the new and improved perforated and shed-resistant HomeRight Premium Roller Cover to a an even better level of quality. The roller cover nap is made of durable, lasting polyester, and the rugged roller cover core is made of long-wearing polypropylene. The roller cover can be used on both smooth and semi-smooth surfaces, such as drywall and plaster. Use the HomeRight 9″ Premium Roller Cover with PaintStick EZ-Twist, PaintStick, power rollers and other pressure-fed paint applicators. The 3/8″ nap is best for smooth surfaces and materials like latex-based and oil-based paints and primers. Roller Cleaning kit available


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