Foampro 309 9 Inch Paint Tray


Product Details:

  • 9” PAINT TRAY – Get the job done faster with this interior or exterior paint tray with legs. This solvent-proof durable tray is designed to accommodate one quart of paint at a time and features a built-in grid to remove excess paint from the roller cover during use. Sturdy U- Shaped legs keep the tray level both on the floor and while hooking securely to any ladder platform. The safety attributes prevent accidents and spills during the job.
  • WASHABLE & EASY TO USE – Paint trays save time when cleaning up or changing colors and they’re also a great tool to dip, wipe and store your brushes while working. The FoamPRO 309 tray is washable and sturdy enough to clean out and reuse with either a 7-inch or 9-inch roller. This painting accessory has ridges that serve as a brush wiper to wipe off excess paint and avoid dripping. Also, a great place to rest the brushes during the job.
  • FASTER START, FINER FINISH – FoamPRO takes the hassle out of painting with efficient and easy-to-use paint tools and supplies that move the process along. The paint trays provide an easy, clean, and convenient way to dip your foam rolling brushes while simultaneously preserving the amount of paint you use to make for a smooth and efficient painting process.
  • HOUSE PAINTING SUPPLIES, TOOLS & ACCESSORIES – We offer everything from Consumer Painting Tools with many advantages over conventional painting tools. Our professional painting tools include Finish Coater and Finest Finish products with added resiliency and durability. OurSOLVEX Industrial Coating Applicators feature revolutionary new foam which is resistant to solvents and harsh additives commonly used in industrial coatings.
  • QUALITY HOME IMPROVEMENT – FoamPRO was established in 1952 as a manufacturer of foam painting tools, brooms and mops. Now, we’ve solidified our position as the innovator and leader in the foam painting tool category with products sold nationwide and internationally in paint, hardware stores, and home centers. Everything we sell is still made in our own factory with the highest quality raw materials and quality control standards to ensure you receive only the best, most efficient paint tools!


The FoamPRO 9″ roller Tray has ribbed ramps that are used for rolling off excess paint. This Tray is for use with all Paints.. 9” PAINT TRAY – Get the job done faster with this interior or exterior paint tray with legs.


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