Foam Pro 176-10 Foam Paint Roller Pack Of 10


Product Details:

  • ‎8.25 x 8 x 3.25 inches
  • ‎Foam Paint Roller Refills


Fine finish roller refill is specially designed with a “reservoir action” carrying most of the paint below the surface in thousands of tiny open cells while also requiring less frequent “Dipping” and less “spreading out” of paint. Will not “mat down” or leave behind any unsightly fuzz, lint or seam marks. Features a foam conforming to surface irregularities and providing contour coverage for a smooth, even application. Conveniently cleans easily and quickly. Recommended for use with bathrooms, kitchens, doors, floors, closets and cabinets. Ideal for oils, clears or enamels as well as for super smooth, smooth or semi-smooth surfaces.


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