Foam Paint Roller Set 6 Inch Pack Of 8


Product Details:

  • Foam Paint Roller Kit — 1x 6″ roller frame handle, 6 x high density foam cover and 1 x paint tray. Ideal for doors, cabinets and floors ,Bathtub
  • High-density foam mini paint roller apply a lint-free,ensures no fibre loss and achieves and ultra-smooth finish.
  • Steel Piant roller frame with chrome plating provides durability with reduced chance for rust,can use with most 6 inch Mini roller covers
  • The Paint Roller Tray contains a large amount of paint,Designed to Fit Most 4″ & 6” Paint Rollers
  • If there are any questions or problems about your paint roller, kindly contact us and we takevevery effort to answer all of the queries within 24hours. We aim to provide a pleasant shopping experience for all of our customers.


  • 1 X Paint Roller Frame,
  • 6 X High Density Foam Cover 6″
  • 1 X Paint Roller Tray


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