Foam Paint Roller 3-inch Trim Roller Refills With 10 Pieces


Product Details:

  • The package includes: you can receive 1 piece 3-inch plastic handle which is suitable for 3-inch foam roller, and 10 pieces 3-inch flat head foam roller refills, which can be applied with the plastic handle in the set, and there are enough accessories for you to replace
  • High density foam roller sleeve: the foam roller cover in this set is a high density foam roller sleeve, suitable for most of the paints, which can help you quickly cover the paint on the surface you want to paint, and the size is smaller and more suitable
  • Intimate design: the foam roller sleeve has only one hole, which allows the plastic handle to be inserted and installed, and the other end is closed; This design helps to prevent the paint from infiltrating into the drum, causing waste or getting the paint everywhere
  • Tool that take care of corners: the 3-inch foam trim roller is useful for compensating the corner paint; The flat head design allows it to take into account the corners, so that the corners can also be painted
  • Easy to use: 3-inch trim roller is easy to use, you only need to install foam sponge sleeve on plastic handle, then you can use it directly; It is necessary to insert the plastic handle well, so that it will not affect your use



  • The package has 1 plastic handle with 10 pieces 3-inch smooth foam roller refills. You will get enough foam refills with once purchase so that you can replace them at any time.


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