Corner Paint Roller Kit 3 Pieces


Product Details:

  • Corner Paint Roller for Easy Application into Corners, Soffits, Eaves, and Other Tight Spaces Decorating Home DIY Tool
  • This corner paint roller is ideal for painting into the corners in rooms where a conventional roller cannot get to.
  • Faster and easier to use than a brush, this corner roller applies a smooth, even coat every time you paint.
  • Holds perfect amount of paint for painting corner and adjoining two walls
  • For best results rinse roller sleeves before use to remove any loose fibers and dust


Corner Paint Roller Frame complete with padded extra long pile acrylic twist pile refill. 26cm  frame,

with plastic push-fit handle.

Ideal for cutting-in, corners & painting around pipework

For fast printing and cutting in on corners.

Good paint absorption and release. Solvent resistant.

Use with solvent, water-based emulsion, wood treatments & undercoats

For use on smooth & semi-rough surfaces


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