Colbent Multi-Angle Paint Brush Extender


Product Details:

  • MULTI-ANGLE ROTATION: Gain Full Control Over Your Paint Angle With 160° Rotation And 2 Brush Paint Directions That Let’s You Accurately Paint At The Position You Need.
  • PAINT HIGH-UP AREAS: Use our Ceiling Edger Painting Tool for Those Hard-To-Rreach Areas Such As Wall Corners, Stairwells, Frames and Sidings When Used as Painting Pole extension (Pole Not Included)
  • 2-IN-1 PAINT TOOL: Easily Remove The Detachable Brush Adapter And It Will Fit Rollers (Or Even Scrapers) As Well! Our Versatile Paintbrush Extender Fits Most Brush Sizes & Styles
  • PAINT 10X FASTER: Speed-up your job by reducing the Hassle of climbing Up & Down Ladders With Our Cutting In Paint Tool!
  • SAFETY FIRST: Avoid The Risk Of Falling From High-up Places And Eliminate The Need For Expensive Ladders Or Scaffolds. Paint With Your Feet Without Ever Leaving Safe Ground!


    • The painters tool you whish you always had! Gain full control and precision over the painting angle! Turn your normal rigid brush into an angular brush so you can paint any spot of your home! Paint up to 10 times faster by reducing the hassle of climbing up and down ladders with our paint extender adapter, the greatest ally for any paint extender pole.

      Do not put yourself in risky situations that could lead to unnecessary home accidents. Instead, paint directly from safe ground!

      Our paint pole attachment is made to fit most brush sizes and styles. From 1″ up t o 3″ wide brushes. From long to short, angled or flat, it works like a charm as a ceiling edge painting tool or cutting in


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