Clean N Roll Paint Roller Cleaner 9 Inch


Product Details:

  • PROFESSIONAL PAINTERS TOOL: Save time, use less water, decrease landfill waste and make more money on each painting project.
  • CLEAN OUT QUICKLY: At the end of a long hard day, rinse float bucket skins speedily and get the job cleaned up quicker.
  • CHANGE COLORS FASTER: Easy to switch paints when doing multiple colors on a project, have a roller ready nap in less than a minute for paint color changes.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN: When used with a paint bucket, washout tub, splash sink or bathtub, you can keep the mess contained instead of all over your customers yard
  • ADJUSTABLE: Clean 9 inch paint roller sleeves with nap lengths from 3/8 in to 3/4 in


  • The CLEAN N ROLL offers the painting professional and home improvement enthusiasts a better, faster way to clean paint roller naps


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