Artsy Leaf Pattern Art Roller 7 Inch Texture Roller


Product Details:

  • Decorative Art Rollers are a great tool for adding extra detail to any project you are working on! From walls and ceilings to furniture and cabinets, texture rollers work well on all surfaces.
  • The most common technique for using texture rollers is a “negative” imprinting technique. This means the roller will leave an impression on the surface of your project after it is rolled through wet material.
  • These patterned rollers work best when rolled through products like Texture Medium, plasters, and glazes.
  • They can also be rolled through paints that are not quick drying. Chalk-based paints tend to work well with the rollers.
  • The roller is made of high-quality, durable rubber, measure 7” long and comes with their own handle.


  • Artsy Leaf Pattern – Decorative Art Roller – 7″ Texture Roller


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