7 Inch Patterned Paint Roller Rubber 3D Embossing Roller


Product Details:

  • 【Material】Made of rubber and plastic, not easy to rust, durable, safe, and reliable. The surface pattern is smooth and vivid.
  • 【DIY Tool】A great way to DIY your room’s walls at a fraction of the cost compared to other expensive options. Use unique patterned rollers for painting, and you can also use them for stamping on concrete walls. Provide a unique 3D pattern for the wall, which is less error-prone and more attractive.
  • 【Easy To Use】Uniform structure, time-saving and labor-saving. Just dip it in your paint and roll it along your wall to creates a perfect pattern.
  • 【Home Wall Decoration】You just need some paint, the roller of your choice and a little bit of work. When you’re done, your walls are going to look amazing and extremely unique, and different from what you’ll normally see.
  • 【Application】Practical paint roller with handle, comfortable operation, and long service life. You can draw patterns on the wall, suitable for various occasions such as home decoration, club decoration, etc.


7 Inch Patterned Paint Roller Rubber 3D Embossing Roller


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