2 Inch Paint Roller Mini Plastic Paint Tray Set


Product Details:

  • [Size]: 2inch ,This touch-up mini paint roller kit is a perfect paint set for any small paint job.
  • [Lint Free]: The mini roller is lint-free providing a smooth, seamless finish, The hot melt process for acrylic fiber brush head makes it resistant to thinner, solvent-based paints.
  • [Paint tray and Frame]: The roller frame made from a metal construction with a plastic handle made to a high standard & it’s the same with the mini plastic paint tray this made from durable hard plastic that won’t crack or flex easily.
  • [Smooth & Flat]: No obvious marks after painting, suitable for smooth base surface painting.
  • [Application]: Perfect replacement cover for paint rollers to paint trim, door, edging, line striping, radiators, furniture, etc


  • This touch-up kit is a perfect paint roller set for any small paint job.
  • Ideal for covering marks, scuffs, and chips on surfaces as well as small projects.
  • Great for painting smooth surfaces such as doors, trim & cabinets
  • Comes with 6pcs Microfiber¬†Roller Cover
  • Mini roller Kit Includes:
  • 6 x 2″¬† Microfiber¬†Roller Cover
  • 1 x 2″ Roller Handle
  • 1 x2″ Paint Tray


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