Rollingdog Paint Roller Set With Extension Pole


Product Details:

  • PAINT ROLLER KIT:10PC paint roller kit includes 1pc 9″ paint roller frame and 2pcs high performance microfiber paint roller cover refills for large area painting, 1 pc 2.5″cutting in Angular paint brush for precise detail painting, 2 pcs segmented extension poles with 1pc adapter for reach of higher places, 1 pc paint tray, 1pc paint stir bar, 1pc can opener, all essential handy tools for home painting and decoration
  • PAINT BRUSH: special designed 6 adjustable angles with long handle,great for detail easy painting at awkward corners and nooks, ceiling cut ins!
  • EXTENSION POLES:2pc Link-Up Extension pole can be used separately or together for almost 2ft added reach with brush and roller, Please be sure to attach the adapter to fit the handles of brush and roller
  • PAINT ROLLER AND COVER: 5 wire cage roller frame with ergonomic rubber grip 2pcs Lint free Smooth-Pro 9″ blended fabric roller covers, 3/8″ nap for smooth to semi smooth surfaces like drywall
  • OTHER ESSENTIAL PARTS:9″ 2-in-1 paint tray, paint stir bar, and metal can opener also included


  • Both applicators (roller frame and paint brush) work with ROLLINGDOG’s own specially designed Link-Up extension pole made to give you just the added reach needed to allow you to finish most interior paint jobs.
  • The Pro-Angle brush allows you to choose between different angles to best fit your needs in different location, works especially well attached to extension pole for ceiling cut ins.
  • Smooth-Pro roller covers are lint free and apply paint smoothly and evenly. Washable and reusable with 3/8″ (10mm) nap best for interior surfaces like drywall.
  • Get your paint ready with included can opener and paint stir bar.


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