Rollingdog 18” Paint Roller Covers Woven Microfiber Large (Pack Of 3, 3/8″ Nap)


Product Details:

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Lint free microfiber 18 inch paint roller covers with end caps hold more paint and release it effectively for a smooth, even finish with less splatter
  • SMOOTH APPLICATION: Large roller cover with 3/8 inch nap fit with Rollingdog adjustable roller frame, great for smooth to semi smooth surfaces, painting on interior or exterior walls with no fiber loss
  • FAST COVERAGE: Microfiber roller is perfect for large projects like walls ceilings and floors, allowing you to paint larger and wider area in less time
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: Thermal bonding technology connects fibers to core with maximum durability and resistance to solvents for long-lasting use. Easy to clean and reuse
  • WORKS WITH ALL PAINTS: Use with both water based and oil based paints


  • Three pack of 18″ Microfiber paint roller covers with 3/8″ nap.

  • Microfiber releases paint more slowly than other materials allowing for a longer nap to be used, to cover much more area before needing to reload.

  • Ends caps work with ROLLINGDOG 12-18″ adjustable roller frame


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