Paint Roller Tray Plastic Paint Trays Liner 12pack


Product Details:

  • EXCLUSIVE QUALITY: Premium 4-inch paint roller tray liners enable you to enjoy the best quality there is when it comes to disposable tray liners and getting the job done right. Get the best roller tray for your project and get the job done in time.
  • 12-PACK SUPER VALUE FOR MONEY:With Premium paint tray liners, clean up is made easy after the task is over.Simply pour any leftover paint back into the can and wash or dispose the liner after use. With the use of a liner, you won’t need to clean up the paint tray after every paint job. If dried paint clusters on the liner, simply throw it away in the trash.
  • RECYCLED HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC MATERIAL : Every disposable paint tray liner is made from durable and recycled plastic that can be reused a few times if the paint project takes a few days. While it’s not sturdy on its own without a paint tray, the liner is durable enough for several uses. It is highly recommended to use with 4-Inch Paint Trays for BEST use.
  • EXCELLENT FOR HOME RENOVATION:With the use of our paint tray liners, get the job done faster by easily switching between paint colors. Simply swap out the liner with another and load up the liner with a different color. It’s easy and MUCH faster to swap out different colors going room-to-room, wall-to-wall and trim-to-trim.
  • FITS 4-INCH PAINT TRAY: The paint tray liner was molded and built to fit like a glove on supreme paint tray from the fact these are designed exclusively paint trays so painting will be made as easy and efficient as possible.



  • Paint Roller Tray Plastic Paint Trays Liner (12pack) for Household


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