Microfiber Roller Covers 6 Pack


Product Details:

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Lower your work load and save time with our Professional Microfiber Paint Roller Covers. They are designed to pick up and hold 3X more paint than an average roller cover and provide a smooth clean finish every time. Hint: Pre wet roller cover lightly with water to open up microfiber fabric for maximum coverage.
  • SMOOTH FINISH: Our Microfiber blend is designed for high-capacity & smooth consistent paint release every time. They have superior performance and coverage with all paint and primer-in-one coatings and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) coatings.
  • SHED RESISTANT: Our Professional Microfiber Roller covers have a tough 2-Ply Polypropylene Core. This makes the core stronger. A stronger core allows it to be shed resistant and lint free and deliver excellent coverage in one coat and a smooth clean finish every time.
  • FOR ALL PAINTS, STAINS, PRIMERS, OIL BASED PRODUCTS OR EPOXIES: No matter what type of paint you are using, our premium microfiber paint roller cover will work for you. Our premium microfiber paint roller covers are tested for use with latex paints, stains, oil-based products, and even epoxies.
  • DIMENSIONS: The Microfiber Roller Cover is 9-Inches Long. The Nap Length is 1/2-Inches Long. Great for use with textured surfaces requiring penetration into cracks and crevices and many other uses.
  • REUSE: With proper cleaning and care covers can be used repeatedly.


Thirsty walls are no match for these microfiber roller covers. They hold 3 times the paint as regular 9-inch covers, handle all sheens and are shed-resistant. Get enough for your next painting project with this pack of 6 microfiber roller covers. Made in the usa, with a manageable 9-inch-long, 1/2-inch nap.


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