Metal Paint Tray & Liners fits 9″ Paint Rollers


Product Details:

  • ★PREVENT MESSY PAINT TRAY CLEANUP – this form-fitting plastic paint tray liner makes the cleanup much easier after completing the paint. Just toss it away and paint tray clean-up is complete.
  • ★DISPOSABLE BUT CAN BE REUSABLE – paint tray liners are very flimsy but surprisingly durable, though disposable but can be reusable because they are easy to clean. Just pour off the excess paint and wipe the liner with paint brush. Let it dry and use it again.
  • ★UNIVERSALLY USE FOR – can be used with all paints, stains, and finishes. Use with all standard 9-inch metal and plastic trays with 1 quart capacity.
  • ★MADE OF – white, solvent resistant and recycled plastic. Resist cracking & leakage, keep the underneath tray clean.


A set of Metal Paint Tray and Disposable Paint Tray Liners – Ideal for All Painting Job – Good Quality Metal Paint Tray Liners – Available a Metal Tray


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