Magimate Paint Roller Frame General Core Roller Covers 9-inch


Product Details:

  • Suitable for all standard core roller covers from 9” up to 12”, core diameter 1 1/2”.
  • Spins and Rolls smoothly to make paint faster, premium quality roller frame, best time saver.
  • Fits paint roller sleeves snugly. Remove freely for replacement, easy to clean. Pressure self-lock design helps prevent rollers slipping off during painting application.
  • Chrome-plated 5/16 inch Metal Shank, a professional 9 inch roller frame, sturdy, light in weight, but perfect for heavy-duty painting projects.
  • Universal threaded roller handle can attach to any extension poles or even a broom handle for painting higher places or lower ground to save time and free your kneens and back. Soft Ergonomic Rubberized roller, Comfortable to grip.



  • Whether you are a professional painter or an ambitious DIYer,
    Magimate flexible painting tools will offer you a perfect finish and relaxed painting experience.

    The large 9-inch heavy duty roller frame features ergonomicspin freelynon-slippagethreaded.


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