Kingorigin Brand 18 Piece Paint Roller Set


Product Details:

  • The set includes 18 Piece 9-Inch roller covers with 3/8-inch nap,with 18 Paint Roller Covers per Pack (18-Pack) made of 100% Polyester Fabric, High-quality, and Heavy duty
  • 100 % Polyester,premium quality, durable and resistant to most chemicals
  • Designed for use with all paints and stains,Paint Roller Covers are washable and reusable covers. It is easy to use and easy to clean up.
  • Dense fibers reduce dripping and spatter,lint free
  • Paint Roller Cover , “Semi-Smooth” , “Smooth” surfaces. with a 3/8 Inch Nap, for smooth to light textured walls, dry walls, and ceilings.



Kingorigin was founded by my great grandfather in 1878,he company has always been committed to the spirit of excellence of our ancestors,the pursuit of cost -effective products,through technological innovation,continuous improvement of quality,through first-class Team Management To reduce the cost of products for more than 100 countries to provide the best products


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