3 Pack (4,5,6inch) Heavy Duty Professional Stain Brush


Product Details:

  • 3 piece Big Fence and Stain 1.2 INCH THICKNESS OF PAINT BRUSH 4inch 5inch 6inch by thick 1.2 inch Wall brush with 100% polyester can hold more paints than thin paint brush so it is speed wall brush
  • Fence brush 4 5 6 Inch with SCREW with extension pole Premium ferrule in blue copper finish for wall brush fence and stain for all paints
  • Great quality of blended filaments with no falling off more paint hold 40% than general paint brush
  • Ideal for Marine brush for painting Includes lip to hook the brush onto the edge of paint Can make your painting job easy
  • KINGORIGIN since 1878 ,we are focus on and produced premium paint tools from 100 years ,this Fence brush Great job for large area painting works , it will improve and speed for fence and stain working


  • 4 inch 5 inch 6 inch Deck stain and wallpaper brushes for all painters selected, 100% polyester bristles,blue plastic hand with metal ring with USA screw easy work with extension pole,it is power handy paint brushes for all painters works speeder than other deck brushes and applicator tools on all paint sundries markets.


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