Allgala 8 Piece Mini Paint Roller Kit


Product Details:

  • Sturdy and heavy duty quality: All accessories in this kit are made of right material for their jobs. Roller covers are with thick filament, shedless, lint free with 3/8 Nap. The roller frames are made of soft handle and zinc plated wire gauge 5 metal.
  • Plastic mini tray and mini rollers for smaller area: The tray measures 11″x6″ (29cm x 15cm)
  • This kit is designed to last more many projects. The roller covers and brushes are easy to clean and store.
    Our 8-PC 4″ Mini Roller Tray Set includes: 1x 4″ Black Tray 1x 4″ X 10″ Mini Roller Frame, A3 Handle 2x 4″ Mini Roller Cover, Microfiber 1x 9″X12′ Dust Sheet 1x Sanding Block 1x 2″ Paint Brush 1x Pair of Gloves


  • We have different starter’s all-in-one paint roller and brush kit for your different projects, as well as paint roller cover refills and frames for more specific jobs, surfaces, or tasks. Please check out our entire collection and find right solution to your needs.


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