9 Inch Sheepskin Fabric Roller


Product Details:

  • The unique imitation sheepskin texture fabric is made into different creative art tools, soft and durable, easy to clean, and can be used repeatedly.
  • The DIY operation is simple, and the texture can be easily made with zero foundation.Can be used for blending, highlighting, loose painting, and bold stroke techniques.
  • Individual artistic creation, give full play to imagination, freely match colors, print different patterns, seamless connection, and efficient construction.
  • Beautify the home, suitable for the decoration of various objects, wall surfaces and different spaces.
  • It is easy to apply and high-quality finish and is ideal for both new work and repaints.



  • The Sheepskin Fabric Roller create many Faux Painting Techniques.
  • Uses wall paint or faux painting technique glaze. You have total control to create your own desired look.
  • The Sheepskin Fabric Roller fit perfectly snugly into your project’s edges, corners and ceiling lines.
  • Very lightweight and ergonomic for easy use.
  • Easy to washes.


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