12-18 Inch Adjustable Paint Roller Frame With 12″ Painter’s


Product Details:

  • 12 – 18 inch Adjustable Screw-fit Paint Roller Frame set, includes 1 x FREE 12″ Paint Roller Sleeves.
  • Extra strength steel wing nut design, Use on large areas such as driveways, concrete, decks, walkways, blacktop
  • The adjustable paint roller frame features a heavy-duty threaded comfort grip, Screw-fitting attaches to all our screw-fit extension poles
  • Fits paint rollers from 12 inches up to 18 inches
  • Heavy-duty plastic contoured grip for comfort,Compatible with screw-on extension poles


  • 12-18 inch Adjustable Paint Roller Frame with 12″ Painter’s Choice Roller Cover

    Adjustable Roller frame 12-18″ is a flexible roller frame ideal for decorators.

    The adjustable paint roller frame is a professional quality frame supplied with end caps so it can be used with closed core covers or hollow-core covers.

    The heavy-duty paint roller frame can be adjusted to use roller sleeves between 12 & 18 inches.

    The threaded comfort grip allows for prolonged periods of use.


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